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Group News


Group Party Committee launches theme party day activities
The party committee of the group won two awards from advanced collectives and advanced individuals.
Special planning of the group committee: walk into the Golden Reef Square
Gathering, flying, dreaming
“Jinhua Technology Group” a key new product passed the acceptance
Peng Qi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, “The Outstanding Entrepreneur of Hunan Province in 2017”
Mayor Zheng Jianxin visited Hunan Jinhua Technology Group

Media Perspective


Jinhua: Dedicated to promote "China's creation" with innovation
Entering the city and entering the park, Jinhua Technology will innovate and transform its vitality
Jinhua high capacity 500,000 high pressure gas cylinder project completed in the year
“Jinhua Group” turned the crisis into a contrarian
First-class detection technology guards the safety of "production"
The excellent quality of the military
Working for a Dream - Peng Qi's "Goldenization" Model